Local Business Spotlight: Camp Uncommon

In this week’s Local Business Spotlight we take a look at Camp Uncommon, a summer camp created to provide enriching summer experiences to kids in low-income families.

At Camp Uncommon, they understand that not all kids have the same access to learning in fun and safe environment and they’ve set out to create a game changing program and experience. Kids attending Camp Uncommon can expect:

Programs and Activities

  • Athletics – Including soccer, flag football, volleyball and softball
  • Waterfront – Swimming instruction, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and general swimming.
  • Adventure – Overnight camping, low ropes, and climbing.
  • Arts and Crafts – Pottery, dance, theater, and music.
  • STEM – Natural and environmental science, rocketry.


At Camp Uncommon, campers will have discovery time which includes a variety of activities that are designed to help them develop emotional and social skills to be used later in life. This discovery time is intended to help campers expand their minds, hearts, and emotional intelligence.

Special Days

Occasionally there will be Special Days where there is a special program that takes place instead of the regular daily activities. Examples for special days include: water parks, baseball games, and other scenic destinations.

To learn more about Camp Uncommon and the programs they offer, visit their official website at https://www.campuncommon.org.