Local SEO Services in Mesa AZ

Google is always making changes to their algorithms to improve the search results for the end user (you and me). Wanting to provide higher quality search results, Google has altered the landscape of SEO permanently by cracking down on several of the link building tactics that SEO professionals formerly used.

These changes have made websites harder to rank, which in turn has caused a lot of SEO professionals to toss their hands in the air in frustration. However, the changes have all been for the better, and the best marketers continue to find success online while completely avoiding any spammy tactics.

Let’s face it, chasing the Google algorithm is like trying to paint the Golden Gate Bridge… As soon as you finish it’s time to start again.

While many are throwing in the towel and saying that SEO is dead, at Analogy we believe that quality SEO is still alive and well. Instead of using spammy tactics that put our clients at risk, we focus on solid, holistic marketing strategy.

In other words, we want you to be on the first page of Google, but we also want your site to be around six months from now when the next algorithm update hits.