Web Design and Development

Every business needs a website. Every business. Including yours.

Here’s the catch: what every business really needs…is a good website.

When businesses realize that fact, they go looking for someone to build it. One route is using a high-priced firm. You get a nice product, but the process is often time-consuming, arduous, and if simple changes or updates need to be made later on, it’s a hassle to implement them.

The other route is a freelancer. Fast, cheap…and it shows. The result is often a website that looks and feels…old, despite being brand new.

How does Analogy blend the two? First off, we’re very particular about our developers. We only use someone we’d let build our own site. Secondly, we allow them to work their magic without obtrusive micromanagement or lengthy approval periods. And finally, we charge a fair price…sounds crazy, but we do it. No expensive middlemen. Just a quality website for a quality business.